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3 IN 1 GLUE - 4 oz. #SC0314
3 IN 1 GLUE - 4 oz. #SC0314
3 IN 1 GLUE - 4 oz. #SC0314
Item#: SC0314

Product Description
3 IN 1 GLUE - 4 oz. #SC0314

One excellent glue with three convenient features—crystal clear, instant grab, and fast drying—for added value. • Ideal for wood, floral, cork, glitter, beads, trims, ceramics, fabrics, cardboard, foam, and many more craft and hobby materials. • Precision applicator tip makes it easy to apply exactly where needed. • Acid-free, waterproof, no-run formula for greatest versatility and convenience. HELPFUL HINTS • Best to test first on scrap materials to ensure compatibility. • Pre-wash all fabrics to remove sizing before applying glue. Sizing prevents glue from thoroughly penetrating fibers. • Surfaces must be clear, dry, and free from dust for maximum adhesion. • Keep all work surfaces covered with newspaper or plastic to protect furniture and counters. • Glues dries quickly so work in small areas to prevent glue from drying too rapidly. • Always keep covered when not in use to prevent evaporation.